Mushroom Rustic Pie 850 gr - Super Market

Mushroom Rustic Pie 850 gr - Super Market
Mushroom Rustic Pie 850 gr - Super Market
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Think before you print| Vegetarian Mediterranean Traditional Rustic Pie - Super Market

Vegetarian Mediterranean rustic pie - the fournin - stands for fresh vegetables. Unique flavors and nature fragrances from the combination of vegetables (spinach, leek, onion, pepper).


The natural history of pie from ancient Greece, where the pies were in the daily diet. Feature was a kind of pie with honey, cheese and oil which was very succesfull and had the name "mytlotos" - a pie with honey and garlic.

The rich meals of the ancient Athenians desserts that included fresh and dried fruit, salty almonds, cheese, garlic and onions ends with sweet and savory pies, which are especially appreciated.


|    Ingredients  :

  • PASTRTY (65%):

 Wheat flour (65%), water, vegetable fat (palm oil, palm kernel oil in varying proportions) and vegetable oils (sunflower-seed oil, maize germ oil, cotton-seed oil in varying proportions, contains flavourings, colouring agent: beta-carotene), virgin olive oil (1%), vinegar, salt.

  • FILL (35%):

Tinned mushrooms (66%) [mushrooms, water, salt, acidity regulator: citric acid], frozen onion (25%), frozen green pepper (3%), frozen red pepper (3%), black pepper, dill, curry powder.

  • Produced in an area where sesame, eggs and nuts are handled.

  Baking Instructions :

  • Remove the pie lid and allow the pie to defrost.

  • Score along the top of the pieces anew and spray with a little water.

  • Bake in a pre-heated oven in the paper tray at 180οC for approximately 35-40 minutes, depending on the oven.


  • Attention : Do not bake this product in a microwave oven. Once thawed, do not re-freeze.

|  Notes :

  • Hand-made product. No preservatives.

  • Prepared with traditional care and the purest ingredients.

  • Keep in the freezer at -18ο c until the consume-by date printed on the package.

  • Net Weight : 850 gr.

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